We will be closed Fri, May 21 to Mon, June 14! The last batch of packages will be shipped this Friday noontime, so get your orders in!

FAQ / Contact

Shipping FAQ

When will my order ship?

I ship orders out once a week from my studio in Brooklyn, often on Monday. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the post office is experiencing unprecedented delays that are out of my control. Please understand that 90% of the time, I do not have more information than is provided with your tracking number. Here are the current shipping estimates as of April 2021:

United States: Anywhere from 3-10 days after shipping notification.

International: 1-3 months after shipping notification.

Note that stickers and patches are free to ship because I send them out via USPS First-Class Stamped Envelope. This can take up to 2 weeks to arrive within the US and 4 weeks internationally, and do not include tracking.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I do not accept returns or exchanges; however, if your product arrives damaged or you get the wrong item, please message me with the contact form below!

Will I be subject to international customs?

Customs checks are made randomly by your country's customs office. Buyers are responsible for any customs or import taxes that may apply. Customs may also cause delays.

If your order is affected, your country's customs office will contact you with the phone or email you provide.

Do you ship to the UK?

Due to recent changes to the UK shipping laws, I do not offer shipping to UK at this time. I'm currently researching the new tax laws, but in the meantime, orders made to the UK from mintandapple.com will be canceled and refunded. 

You can, however, make orders to the UK thru my Etsy shop. Note that my Etsy no longer offers fanart due to an increase in copyright takedowns.

Merch FAQ

Will [design] be restocked? If so, when?

I order apparel in large batches at a time; I cannot print designs on-demand.

How big are your sweaters?

Our sweaters run big; printed on half-poly half-cotton crewnecks that if washed as directed, don’t shrink in the wash.

Crewneck Sweater Size Chart: Width - Length - Sleeve (inches)
S: 19.25 - 27 - 33.5
M: 21.25 - 28 - 34.5
L: 23.25 - 29 - 35.5
XL: 25.25 - 30 - 36.5
2XL: 27.25 - 31 - 37.5

More size charts coming soon!

How should I wash your product?

Please wash our apparel (dresses, sweaters, crop tops, facemasks) inside-out on a cold cycle; tumble dry on low. This will keep your apparel clean and cozy for years to come! For tote bags, headwear, and other accessories, please spot clean them with mild soap and warm water. 

Do you do custom pieces?

Commissions are currently closed. 

My question hasn't been answered yet!

Please don't message thru Facebook or Instagram; its difficult to keep track of messages on these platforms. The best way to contact me is either thru Etsy direct messages, or the contact form below! If your message is regarding an order, include your order number. Please understand, mintandapple is literally just me and my partner. For my mental health, I only answer messages while I'm in the office, so it may take me several days to reply. While I can't provide perfect 24/7 customer service, I do read and reply to every message as honestly and wholeheartedly as I would if we were to meet in person. Even then, I still get a lot of messages; I'd really appreciate your patience in my response time.